Struggling with Panic 101: Effective Ways to Overcome Anxiety-Inducing Situations

Have you ever felt like your throat’s closing up, your heart sinking, a pit forming in your stomach, and your fingertips getting numb? If you’ve had at least two of these feelings at once, then you have experienced a panic attack before.

Drawing on the same lines as depression, anxiety can be an overwhelming and personal experience where no two people can feel the same way. While the experience is different for everyone, the basic symptoms are almost the same for everyone. You might feel distant from reality; you might even experience voices moving further away from you or feel like your entire body is shutting down at once.

Dealing with anxiety isn’t easy, and managing and overcoming panic attacks can take a lot of hard work and practice before you get it right. To help you out, here are the three Rs you need to improve your panic attack management technique.

Recognize the Triggers

While anxiety is a long-drawn mental health condition, it usually gets worse with situations and triggers. So, the first thing you need to do when you start getting a panic attack is to look for triggers. Some people can get anxious in crowds, while others can get anxious in closed and lonely spaces.

Everyone has different triggers, and they can contribute to your worsening anxiety attacks. Learn how to detect your triggers and then manage them accordingly.

Remember to Breathe

Even though anxiety attacks feel like the end of the world, and you feel like you’re about to die, you can channel through it. Most people hold their breaths even harder when they start becoming panicked, which is why most experts would suggest getting control of your breathing. It’s important to remember to breathe and try to steady your heartbeat. Proper and steady breathing through the anxiousness will make it easier to overcome in times of a panic attack.

Relaxation Can Help

When people are experiencing panic attacks, they tend to overcompensate and become more engrossed in their underlying triggers. Instead of distracting themselves from the problem and how they feel, they tend to become more intrigued and involved. They keep thinking about the same problem over and over again. While this doesn’t sound that bad, over-obsessing can cause recurrent anxiety attacks that can get difficult to manage.

So, as soon as you steady your breathing, it’s time you look for your relaxation corner. Look for what you want to work on or what makes you happy. Once you get yourself indulged in different activities, you can easily relax.

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Look for Professional Help with Us!

Battling anxiety isn’t the easiest journey that a person takes since it involves several ups and downs and requires you to be brave. What makes this journey easy is knowing you’re not alone. This is why our team at Growth & Change Counseling is focused on aiding those in need.

We work in several different areas, including anger management, couples counseling, grief counseling, and depression counseling. What makes us different from others in the industry is we are known for getting you real help real quick. We help you manage the symptoms while addressing the underlying problem. We are able to offer services right now in both English and Spanish. For more information about our services, you can give us a call today at 408-461-9658.