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My Child is Getting in Trouble at School? He or She is a good kid! What should I do?

school trauma, child suspended from school, ADHD, bad at school
Is your child acting out at school? Kids do not act out for no reason!

Kids do not act out for no reason. The way kids learn is through replication of what they see and experience. School itself is counter-intuitive to the way children learn. There are a lot of reasons why your child might be getting anxious, angry, having problems focusing, having trouble sitting still, getting into fights with other kids, getting poor grades, and showing a lack of motivation. Sure, they might have ADHD, chronic anxiety, depression, or social anxiety but there also may be a lot of other reasons for their behavior. Regardless of what is going on, children are resilient and with the right help they can stabilize and have satisfaction, safety, and fulfillment in their life. If you are the parent of a struggling child, call us, let's talk!

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