Pornography Addiction

Maybe you were told it was no big deal; that everyone does it. Maybe you were told that boys will be boys. Or perhaps you were told that boys shouldn’t be the only ones to have all the fun and that its perfectly acceptable to engage in porn regardless of your sex. Now you have been using porn for a while and you have discovered that it is getting in the way of your relationships and becoming a major obstacle in multiple areas of your life. Its confusing and frustrating because you find yourself struggling to stop even though its hurting your life.

I want you to know that there is hope and there are real, biological reasons why you are struggling with pornography addiction.  I take a three-step approach to helping you overcome your addiction: understanding, abstinence, mental healing. First, I will support you in understanding your addiction. Next we will develop and implement a plan to help you become abstinent. Finally, we will work to free you from the mental obsessions of the addiction so that you can be both abstinent and mentally at peace.