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Parenting Young Children and Teenagers

Parenting is one of the most difficult, rewarding, and giving activities you can do in your life. When your child misbehaves and acts up and you can’t find a way to get through to your child, the situation can feel discouraging or even hopeless. We have been helping parents for over 10 years to reconnect with their children and experience they relationship they always wanted. We have worked with a lot of children over the years and we have observed that in most cases, the best support we can give is to coach you, the parent. This is not because you did anything wrong but because you are the single greatest influence and relationship in your child’s life. If we can support you in connecting to your child in a way that facilitates behavior change, it will be so much more powerful, meaningful, and long lasting than if we provided individual therapy to your child.

We have the deepest respect and admiration for parents and what you go through. We take a relational focus to the way that we approach parenting because we want to help your child learn to respond to you and obey out of love rather than out of a fear of consequences. We will work with you to design and support you in implementing a specific plan of action that will address the needs and goals of you and your child.

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