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Couples and Relationships Counseling

If you are experiencing conflict, that’s good. It is the first step to real intimacy. It is how you deal with that conflict that will determine whether you draw closer together as a couple or become estranged from one another. You can be sure that your path to the best relationship you could possibly have with your partner must pass through this fire of conflict to be attained.  We are committed to helping you and your partner learn how to engage in the relational dance so you can grow in love, intimacy, and mutual respect for one another.


We take an Emotion Focused approach to couples counseling. We combine practical in vivo coaching during sessions with homework that you will do with your partner at home during the week. In sessions, the couple will establish a foundation for engaging in safe conflict (couples generally find this extremely helpful), learn and use healthy communication skills, connect emotionally, and address a variety of core issues identified by the couple that could include: communication, family values, fidelity, trust, forgiveness, parenting, sex, love languages etc.


Whatever the challenges you are facing in your relationship, we want you to know that there is hope. Call us for a consultation so we can tailor couples counseling or marriage infidelity counseling directly to your needs in San Jose and Fremont!

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