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Christian Counseling

We were made to be in healthy relationship to God and to other people. At the core of the consequences of sin in our lives and the world, is separation from relationship with God and other people. When we as people are separated from healthy relationships, that is when we tend to experience anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, grief, and the loss of emotional control.

We believe that good Christian counseling will empower you to invite God into the painful and difficult situations in your life and lead you in your healing process. Some of the practical steps that you may take on this journey would include acts of confession, repentance, forgiveness of self and others, and reconciliation. It sounds simple but of course it is often very hard. As you work through things in your relationship with God and commit to his process for your life, you will become more of the person that you were always created to be!

Two more thoughts:

1:) Because all truth is God’s truth, we will be able to draw on the best practices and resources of psychological theory and combine them with all that is accessible to you within the Christian faith.

2:) We provide Christian counseling to those who ask for it. It allows you to access the strength and power of your faith to grow and heal.  Call us for quick consultation for Christian counseling in Santa Clara and Morgan Hill!

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