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Anger Management

Anger is a powerful emotion and because it is powerful it is often thought of as a bad emotion. Everyone experiences anger, but some people have a more difficult time controlling anger. Anger under control has a healthy place in your life. It can be the catalyst for fighting evil and prejudice in society. Anger out of control is destructive and will be destructive to a person’s relationships. If you are one of those people that have discovered that your anger can get out of control, we want you to know that there is hope and that you can learn to bring your anger under control for everyone’s good.


Whatever your reason (personal or court-ordered) for seeking anger management therapy, we are thrilled to help you. We will work with you to craft a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.  You can have the relationships you have always wanted.


The main goal of anger management is to manage the physical aggression and intense emotions that are caused by anger. There are many things in your life that you can’t control, avoid, or get rid of, such as the people or things that cause your rage. However, you can learn the best ways to control how you react to these situations.


You can start off by taking deep breaths and repeating a calming phrase or word to yourself, listening to music, doing yoga, or writing in a journal—whatever helps you feel more relaxed.

The roots of anger

There are many different things that can make a person angry. These include:

  1. External events like humiliation, teasing, or loss of privileges

  2. Internal events such as frustrations, injustices, and perceived failures


Anger might cause you to have externalizing behaviors, such as tantrums or verbal arguments. It can also cause you to have internalizing behaviors, such as symptoms of depression. Some people might show their anger through aggressive actions and words.


Ready to get the help you need? Call us for a short consultation to get anger management sessions in Fremont and San Jose.

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