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If you are struggling with addiction and seeking help, you understand very well the power the addiction has over you and may feel lost about how to change. There are two basic approaches in addiction treatment to help you manage your addiction 1.) by reducing things that put your life and health at risk or 2.) getting abstinent. In my experience, there is value in both approaches, yet they miss the mark. We want to help you explore your whole person and learn to be healthy. If you are addicted, its because your addiction is meeting a real need that you have in an illegitimate way. It’s great if you are able to use coping strategies to reduce your engagement with the addiction. It’s awesome if you are able to be abstinent. But even at the point of being abstinent, you probably find yourself struggling with the mental oppression of the desire for the addiction. To become free from the mental obsessions with the addiction is a process that involves becoming an emotionally, socially, and spiritually healthier person. Your body will always have an affinity for your particular addiction, its wired that way. But that doesn’t mean that you are destined to live a life in mental and emotional agony around your addiction. You can become mentally and emotionally free and we would be honored to come along side you in your journey to help you get there. It will be hard work and it will require your commitment to your process of change. It is worth it!

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