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John Mark Kane, LMFT #134414

Therapy is in my blood; its the way I can help and love people. Since I was young, I witnessed human suffering all around me. These experiences have shaped my life, challenging me to explore the human experience and how to help people live healthy, fulfilled, and godly lives. I have a diversity of interests in counseling, psychology, philosophy, wilderness therapy, theology, and experiential living that contribute to my unique approach to coaching. One cool fact about me is that prior to becoming a relationships oriented Therapist, I was a wilderness adventures facilitator.

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of my life. I treasure my relationship with God, with my wife, and my kids. I've come to realize that challenges in relationships are at the center of most of our problems, whether it be anxiety, depression, family conflicts, marriage conflicts etc. I am passionate about helping people to have the relationships that they long for because I believe that we are relational beings that can be made whole when we have healthy connection to others.

I believe that therapy is a safe place for people to be whoever they are right now, no matter how bad they feel about themselves or their lives. It is in this place of vulnerability that we can admit our struggles, face our true selves, and then grow to become all that we are meant to be! I believe in the inherent value of human life. No matter what your struggle, background, belief system, or things you have done, you are inherently valuable, and with me you will find a safe place to work on yourself or your family.


I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. I am available to provide individual, couples, family, child and adolescent therapy, and parent coaching. Prior to obtaining my Master’s degree, I had been working in the Mental Health field as a Coach for over 10 years. I also have the unique experience of obtaining an undergraduate degree in Recreation and specializing in Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Programming. I lived outside in the woods for two years, working with emotionally disturbed boys.

I experience working with individuals, couples, children, and families. I am passionate about empowering healthy relationships between friends, lovers, and families. I take a practical and integrated approach to therapy, using skill building interventions and techniques from science, psychology, and the Christian faith. I believe in addressing the needs of  the whole person and that requires blending different viewpoints and creating a unique approach to therapy for each individual, couple, family, or parent.

I spent my formative years living in countries in Southeast Asia, which gave me the first hand experience of living in different cultures, and going through transitions and adjustments between cultures and nations. I have a personal understanding of the needs of expatriates, missionaries, and third culture kids (TCKs).

I specialize in working with Individuals, Couples, Parents,  families, Teenagers, Cross Cultural Workers, TCK's, and Christians but I can work with you without any difficulty if you come from a different faith or belief system. Many of the skills I use in coaching have universal application and you too can experience improvements and significant growth in your relationships and life!

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